Pet Radiology

At WNC Veterinary Hospital, our advanced pet radiology services play a crucial role in diagnosing and understanding your pet’s medical conditions. Learn more about how our radiology services contribute to the well-being of your pet.

A person holding a dog

Understanding Pet Radiology

What is Pet Radiology?

Pet radiology involves the use of medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases in animals. At WNC Veterinary Hospital, we utilize advanced radiological techniques to obtain detailed images of your pet’s internal structures.

Our Pet Radiology Services

Digital Radiography for Accurate Diagnoses

  • Quick Results: Digital radiography provides rapid image processing, allowing our veterinarians to assess your pet’s condition promptly.
  • Precision: High-resolution images enable precise identification of injuries, diseases, or abnormalities.

Pet radiology is a valuable tool in veterinary medicine, enabling our team at WNC Veterinary Hospital to provide accurate diagnoses and comprehensive care for your pets.

Benefits of Pet Radiology

A Clearer Picture for Better Care

  • Accurate Diagnoses: Radiological images aid in accurately diagnosing various conditions, from fractures to internal organ abnormalities.
  • Treatment Planning: Detailed images help veterinarians plan effective treatment strategies tailored to your pet’s specific needs.
  • Non-Invasive: Pet radiology allows for a non-invasive evaluation of your pet’s internal structures, reducing stress and discomfort.

When is Pet Radiology Necessary?

Recognizing the Signs

  • Trauma Occurs: In cases of accidents or injuries, radiography helps assess the extent of trauma.
  • Chronic Health Issues: For pets with ongoing health concerns, radiological imaging can provide valuable insights into the underlying causes.
  • Pre-Surgical Evaluation: Radiography is often crucial in assessing a pet’s condition before surgery, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their health.
A hand holding a tablet with an x-ray of an cat